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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Calling all street trucks - yes you can win!

At many Diesel Motorsports events we have large and powerful diesel trucks that compete for the big cash prizes for the classes. They get paid more because their trucks take more to maintain and operate during the competition. Yes they provide a show for the fans in the crowd! However, we need your street truck to compete in order for the sport to continue to grow.

Street trucks driven by the fans not only buys our sponsor's products but they represent what the diesel lifestyle is all about!

Does everyone want to be the biggest baddest diesel truck on the street? Yes, they do and it's easier to talk about it and make claims instead of competing and proving what the truck can do!

Does this stop many from competing? Oh yeah it does! But consider what you have in the truck and as long you are proud of what you have done does it really matter to anyone else?

A few years back myself and the editor of a prominent magazine was judging the Show-N-Shine and one entry was a very old truck with a different color on every body panel, the diesel engine out of another make and a mis-match interior. This person was so proud of what he accomplished with his vehicle, he explained everything he added and every bolt he turned to make this truck run and operate. He did not win the Show-N-Shine but we gave him a runner-up spot because of his enthusiasm for his vehicle.

It was obvious he did not have the funds to turnout a top notch diesel truck but it didn't matter to him or his friends surrounding him. It's about what you have done to your truck with your personal touch or customization. Then bring it to an event and discuss with those around you what you have done and how much fun you have had building your truck.

I bought an older 12V Dodge to build up in a series of articles in Performance Business/Shop magazine so the shops can better understand what our diesel trucks are about and how they can sell or service our trucks. Yes being in charge of the Association many people have laughed or made fun of my old truck during the build-up (still in progress)! But it is mine and I'm quite proud of what I have done to the truck which matches my personality.

Will it win races or be first in pulling? I highly doubt it but I would not hesitate to throw it in the competition just to have fun.

Will it break something? Most likely since it is an older truck but it was going to break anyway - sometime! That's the fun part, it is running it just enough so you know it will not break and have fun competing.

We need the street trucks to continue to compete so the sport will continue to grow! Try it this next season - you may be surprised! I have had many who told me they never competed before and our racing or pulling coaches told them how to compete. Some ended up winning and taking home cash monies to further build their truck. We even had young ladies take home the $$$ against all of the guy's trucks!

So next time you come to an event DIESEL Motorsports welcomes all street trucks and we want as many as the registration can sign for the day or night. See ya at the track!

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  1. Good Article Ron and so true, we should never stop having fun!