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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Staying the course . . . DIESEL Motorsports!

I am a BIG believer in letting professionals who are specialized do their work! That is why I have an accountant do our books, a CPA tax lawyer do our tax returns and I take my truck to a certified diesel mechanic when it needs work done to it.

Let people do the work they know how to do and I stick to doing what I know how to do! That is why my partner Gene, work so well together! He let's me do what I do and I rely on him to do what he knows, I'm sure many times you have caught me at events asking a question about the rules or track and I point to Gene!

People like stability, when spending monies with you and DIESEL Motorsports offers a easy organized reliable event for many sponsors and vendors. It may change a little but not much year to year. We keep the rules the same so more trucks can come every year with bigger numbers.

DIESEL Motorsports likes to keep our events family oriented so all age groups can come and enjoy the activities. Yes you can drink at our events, bring in coolers and grills - that is part of our diesel lifestyle, tailgating at the events! We just ask you act responsibly toward others and respect each other's properties.

Hire the professionals who know how to do their jobs!

We even do it at the events if the track prep needs a lot of work or I hire a professional announcer or photographer at the events. DIESEL Motorsports hires about 15-30 people for some of our larger events.

We have been doing the diesel events for about 10 years so we know what we are doing and what you can lose money on during the events. Track, equipment and personnel negotiation is ongoing for us at each location during the year. Doing one event a year is easy, trying doing 5-8 larger events per year.

We try different venues during the events if it pertains to the diesel lifestyle, like this year we will be hosting a antique tractor show during Thunder in Muncie on Saturday. It relates who comes to that event and brings in more people.

Our direction is to build the diesel marketplace by supporting the local diesel shops with a online shop locator and sponsors can ask local shops to display under their sponsorship. It takes all of us working together to make it a mainstream sport. That was our goal in the beginning was to grow it and make it mainstream in the automotive world of motor sports.

Do we make everything big and flashy so we can get noticed? Not really because it is a rural sport and we are conservative when it comes to doing business the right way with people in the industry.

We stay the course and build on a solid foundation of years of experience.

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