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Friday, January 8, 2016

Calling all state pulling groups . . . DIESEL Motorsports!

DIESEL Motorsports started a program about 6 years ago called our affiliate events which included many state diesel clubs and groups. We helped them with safety and class rule structure, help them obtain insurance, market their pull dates, feature them on our social media plus magazine articles and even help them obtain sponsors resulting in cash for their clubs.

Whey would we do this instead of doing it ourselves?

Because we want the sport to grow and we cannot be everywhere at once. We started out doing our own events and at one time we had over 30 events we were managing, we found it stretched us and our staff too thin and we were tired by the end of the season. DIESEL Motorsports evaluated what events we could manage into regional events and turned the rest over to state groups who could put the events on for the fairs or towns.

We thought it would also help the sport grow by helping the state groups with what we know how to do best, promote the sport!

We have helped and supported many state groups in all areas of the country. Yes, some of our budget goes out to help these groups, we do not charge them for the help - only to ask that they display our sponsors at their events along with DIESEL Motorsports.

Many of you may have attended an event where you see our banner or decals but we are not there, that is one of our affiliate groups who are doing it the right way. Keeping the sport safe and promoting the event the correct way for doing business in the industry.

Has any of the other groups or events done this for the sport? Not to our knowledge and we are not looking for recognition but we are looking for more state affiliate events who want to do it the right way.

Contact us if your group or event wants to be part of the growth of the diesel sport?

816-734-5611 or

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