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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Let's go back to when pulling was fun . . . why not???

I have had so many diesel guys tell me the past two years I wish it would go back to where we could drive to the pull, change tires, hang weights and pull for the night - just having fun! Hang with the guys, look at trucks, win a few bucks and call it a fun night!

I asked why it cannot be that way?

I was told because the higher end trucks who they used to run with would make fun of them, call them names on the forums and tell everyone they do not know how to produce powerful diesel trucks - their reputation would be damaged!

Guys! What is this high school? If you enjoy doing what makes you happy, a more confident person would not care one little bit! Let your work show people what you are about and leave the having fun to yourself on your own time.

Bring a cooler, grill, family or friends and pull to have fun. DIESEL Motorsports has two classes to do just that - WorkStock and 2.5 class! 

I know a few top past pullers who got rid of their high-end rigs and show up in trucks now that have a different color on each fender - and they still win! Why? Because they are having fun and know how to pull! 

My personal truck is 20 years old, I have a great time messing with it! Do people make fun of it, ah yea since I help run a diesel sanctioning body! I could buy a newer truck and I have thought about it many times. A newer truck would ride better, run better and look more current, but then I would worry all the time if I have the best performance items on the truck, the newest led lights, blah, blah, blah! 

Then I think and it sounds like I would no longer have fun adding to my old truck! Who cares as long as I enjoy my older truck - I like it! 

Be you and pull to have fun! Again . . . 

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