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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

How to reach the diesel market with your product or service???

The shows and conferences I attend seems to always produce the same question from manufacturers, how do we reach the rural market or diesel truck owners?

Then they go back and ask their people what is the norm when reaching out to the diesel market?

The result is text-book marketing and advertising, let's place ads in some of the magazines and banner ads on some of the forums.

What they don't understand that the total circulation of the retail magazines for the diesel market does not total over 200,000 on a good guess! The B2B publications at least go to the diesel shops or auto stores that our diesel guys buy from throughout the year.

Most of our diesel shop guys work hard 6 days a week 10-12 hours a day trying to make a living working on diesels and what-ever-else they can get! 80% of their work is maintenance on regular street diesels and municipalities vehicles. The fill-in work is performance diesel but more important is regular truck work so our guys can use them for their work truck.

Most of the market is rural where magazine outlets are few, internet service is sketchy, tv is only a few hours in the evening and a lot are in the country which is satellite tv. What do they use for communication? Phones - A LOT! Social media is a must for reaching the rural communities along with radio! DIESEL Motorsports has over 116,000 followers on FB so we post everyday and then some!

I've been told by tracks that people follow our sites and social media for news and updates for the diesel marketplace. DIESEL Motorsports has worked very hard to reach out and help the rural diesel communities, the diesel shops and the diesel competitors.

That's what our sponsors pay us to do year after year! Reach the rural diesel lifestyle communities and communicate with the enthusiasts who make up our sport. DIESEL Motorsports goes where the diesel trucks are plentiful, the enthusiasts are friendly and the rural tracks that welcome the diesel trucks!

DIESEL Motorsports reaches the right crowd who live the lifestyle of the diesel market.

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