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Saturday, December 8, 2012

What is a blog and why do I do this?

I started this blog a little over a year ago to report my personal view of what's going on in the diesel marketplace. My views and experience come from being in the automotive aftermarket for over 25 years as an agency, marketing consultant and owner of a sanctioning body for diesel motor sports.

I actually had someone accuse me of ranting on this blog with no authority or credentials. I believe I already stated it is a personal blog written by myself and my background is plainly listed on the front page. I try to state how I personally see the marketplace and remain objective in how I see what is going on while I am traveling during the shows.

My suggestion would be to those that state this, they do not have to read it and do they believe everything they read on the Internet as the gospel truth. If they do then many people on the Internet have a bridge they would like to sell them!

While doing the shows and trade shows we see and hear many things that are going on in the business world. I report those items and reviews of our sponsor's products because many of our diesel shop owners and fans cannot go to all of the shows in all parts of the country.

I report what I am told and see, and many times experience. I thoroughly enjoy the people in this sport including the competitors and the fans. Many of the sponsors I call friends because we have seen the business go up and down and people come and go during the years.

When business gets involved then things tend to get obtuse within our marketplace, people always trying to remain on top and feathers get ruffled. If you notice I don't have much left on top and it has all sunk to the bottom, ;), they used to call that success!

I will continue to write occasionally and report what is going on and when i see no one is reading my blogs then I will stop. So far that has not been a problem and even when I don't write for a while people tend to pull up the old posts to read.

To me, that is how exciting DIESEL Motorsports has become and I would like to think Gene and I have had a part in that process.

Yes, I will keep on writing!

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