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Thursday, December 13, 2012

What's next for 2013? DIESEL Motorsports

The usual events that have been long standing will continue their usual time and locations.
DIESEL Motorsports have some new venues and remakes of older shows with some new activities at the shows. Working on some new locations that seem worthy.

Should have the details by middle of January for all events and affiliate shows.

We stand by our strong standing in the Midwestern states since a ton of rural trucks are among our fan base. Missouri to the edge of New York is the strong concentration of diesel trucks used in the workplace and rural lifestyle.

I don't see that changing even with the recent EPA rulings and crack downs on the tuning industry, most of the trucks in this area are older and does not fall under the effected vehicles. Most of the diesel shops in this area are rural and off of the radar from CARB and most of the states have relaxed emission standards.

Why does the breadbasket have relaxed standards, because those trucks are used for work and jobs which are hard to find in the rural countryside.  Also fewer people and open spaces makes for a less concern about emissions over working for a living.

I do see some slowdowns for the diesel shops who do not do maintenance work to supplement their performance work. The larger shops will be fine with their usual work along with older truck upgrades. Prices for older trucks will continue to rise while newer trucks will fall.

Why buy new when your mileage is considerably higher with older trucks (non-DPF), making those older trucks with lower miles (less than 150,000) worth a premium price.

Always looking for ways to expand our affiliate programs through series and unique events with a good following. The same groups DIESEL Motorsports supported last year will be back along with new areas and people.

We have continued to grow besides reports from haters and wannabes, more fans and competitors have shown up every year at the events. It's the lifestyle of families and the younger crowd that makes the events fun to attend.

Looking forward to 2013!

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