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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

PRI and the drag race . . . DIESEL Motorsports!

PRI was a little off this year under new ownership and with a different atmosphere since it was already announced they are closing the Orlando location and moving back to Indy!

PRI has always been the other trade show that is not governed by the big one in Vegas, but no more. One company now owns all of the trade shows. How does this help DIESEL Motorsports?

A lot really, the mainstream manufacturers who have now gotten into DIESEL Motorsports has many different options to display their wares. The diesel industry will attend our shows to display their products. The diesel industry manufacturers now have a real fear of the larger trade shows (EPA), and I don't blame them after what happened the last month.

Yes we needed to clean our business up in appearance for legal reasons but not shut manufacturers down costing people their jobs when so many need them right now. A real tragedy for our country, but then again I just watched a special last night about how our country's regulations and Union pricing has run all movie productions to Canada. Is the auto industry going to follow this path?

One thing I know about our diesel industry is they are independent thinkers and doers, we will find a way to keep our rural roots and the sport alive.

This was portrayed at our Drag Race this last weekend in Lakeland, Florida! A great crowd of local diesel enthusiasts (young and old) along with many from the PRI show racing their rental cars (all fully insured). It was a blast with lots of participants on both sides and a fun crowd watching the entertainment. They can not take this away from us! The fun and excitement many felt by attending the drag race.

There were many different diesel manufacturers and WDs at the PRI show that did not come out to the show, it was a long way, almost 30 minutes from the show (:-(). Those who I spotted there and that showed up to support the sport were Flo-Pro Exhaust, Lil Power Shop, Champion Oil, Vulcan Performance, Borg Warner, Garrett Turbos, Diesel Specialists, Southern Diesel Performance, Black's Diesel, Rudy's Diesel, Central Florida Diesel Performance and a lot of diesel truck competitors/fans.

I think I wrote just a few days ago about "United we stand, divided we fall", guess most people missed reading that post.

They don't know what they missed and how much the Floridians want DIESEL Motorsports to come back to their state. I heard them loud and clear! What about you?

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  1. Ron
    We will be getting together after the New Year and yes we are going to have Diesel Motorsports come back. Hopefully we can have a yearly event. We as part of the diesel industry want to see it grow. Thank you all for putring on one heck of a race.
    JD Slater
    Central Florida Diesel Performance