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Monday, November 19, 2012

Keeping it real . . . DIESEL Motorsports!

Going into the Holidays we want to thank all of the diesel enthusiasts who attended and competed in the events this past year! It's been a tough year with ups and downs for many people.

At least we feel DIESEL Motorsports gave you small relief away from work where you can have fun with your family surrounding diesel trucks. We will try and make this next year even more fun by adding more programs that provide entertainment value that fits the diesel lifestyle.

We started with adding the NRA (National Rifle Association) this last year as a sponsor and will be expanding that avenue of interest. Outdoor sports mixes well with DIESEL Motorsports enthusiasts so you will find more displays showcasing this mixture.

Family core values forms the commitment our diesel enthusiasts put into our sport and it shows the hard work and pride in the trucks that are in the shows.

Even the attendee's trucks showcase our shows with great looking examples of diesel trucks. The individuality really shows in these trucks by each person customizing their truck their way!

DIESEL Motorsports strives to attract "DIESEL ONLY" attendees and enthusiasts to the shows, this takes a large part of our budget in marketing and advertising. Reaching the right people makes the show special because each show geographically produces new trucks in the parking lot/pit area. That's why we mix them together!

Why is DIESEL Motorsports unique - it's a lifestyle we display at each show! NO one else is doing this! We keep it real at each event - period.

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