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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

DID the EPA catch up with us???

How many of you have blown smoke on the streets so other vehicle owners could see it? How many of you have asked for the dump smoke tune at shops?

Did the industry get turned in by it's own competing manufacturers? or aftermarket associations? 

Why didn't anyone see this coming? Why didn't they do anything about it? Why couldn't we protect our lifestyle and a sport we love so much?

It's a lot of questions that I'm afraid will never get answered in public, just behind closed doors by a few who do know the answers!

This industry is so splintered by groups with their own agendas for business they didn't care who they would hurt. When in fact, they were hurting the industry as a whole. Everytime a negative comment is made about someone else's product, service and business it's divides the diesel community to where no one wanted to work together to stop what just happened.

The EPA(fox) was let into the henhouse by many during the past few years in order for their company to look good so they would not be scrutinized. To blame one company is narrow minded, there has been many in the industry.

DIESEL Motorsports started a no smoke street policy over four years ago by stating bring it to the track instead and got little response. We have promoted two or three fast diesel dragsters that are smokeless only to be met with resistance and personal claims. 

I would have to say as a general rule our top classes in competition for pulling and drag racing the trucks are trailered to the event. Those vehicles are exempt from the EPA rules because of racing/exhibition vehicles. Only one street class in pulling and  drag racing are street legal vehicles. That's a pretty small number to hassle about emissions.

Realize the EPA is the government who controls the big three automakers by regulations, in turn the big three want sanctions in place to comply. Many years ago the big three saw the many different after market companies making products for their vehicles and decided the monies were too big and why didn't they get a piece of it.

Now most dealerships offer many of the same aftermarket products you used to find only at your custom truck shops or part stores. Why? Because they get the money for it now instead of small businesses. 

I guess the amount of diesel performance products that were available for the big three automaker's trucks at local shops and not at dealers looked too good. They eventually found a way to knock them out - by regulations!

Let's claim cleaner air even though the fuel mileage is half, wait now, we are in a fuel crunch let's up the required mpg. 

Has anyone ever seen the cartoon about the rope swing designed by the government - exactly!

It was started many years ago by not allowing small businesses to succeed, individuals to come up with their great new inventions or ideas that would help their fellow man. Do you realize how long and how much it takes to get a patent filed and awarded today? Only to be taken by another company and given to China to duplicate with no repercussions.

Okay I ranted way too long about why this all happened and how wrong it is! 

Did the EPA catch up with us - no - it was handed to them!

Together we stand, divided we fall . . .

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