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Friday, November 16, 2012

So what's the fallout of this week??? EPA week!

Were companies hurt? Is our diesel sport dead? What are we going to do? What's the industry going to do?

All good questions I was asked this week!

Of course companies will be hurt in sales and profitability, can they re-group in order to continue on with new products or direction? Companies with the drive to continue will survive this hiccup in business and figure out a way to change their products or services. Get smart, learn from this setback and start immediately on products strictly for diesel racing and pulling. Learn from our gasser performance part companies and how they cope with the regulations.

Our sport is not that easily killed, over 80% of our competition vehicles are pre-2007 which is not effected by this weeks activities. Most are trailered to the events for the upper classes and if the two street classes tuneup/detune when they get to the event their competition is completely legal. What this is forcing the sport to do is come to the events where it is legal to compete using the components our diesel shops are selling.

Now the trailering trucks used to get to the track may be affected by not being able to get fuel efficient components for their new trucks so their fuel costs are higher. And the diesel shops who heavily support the events by getting new business by running their trucks at the events will be affected by the loss of business but again they will have to rely on maintenance work instead of performance for a short while until the companies re-tool new products that are deemed legal or acceptable.

I imagine the winter months will still be filled with trucks wanting rebuilds for the next season, upgrades in equipment that is legal, and alternative means to what has been cutoff.

We Americans especially the independent rural crowd is pretty creative when told that it cannot be done! I have seen it for many years, nothing will hold down the masses when they want something.
Will it be a little harder to get the equipment or harness the technology, sure it will, but they will still get it done.

The diesel industry will continue to build with a slight slow down because the need for it is still there. I imagine this move by the government will further drive the price of used trucks even higher while the sale of new trucks will fall tremendously.

I have constantly been told by workers and industries a diesel truck out pulls gas trucks with better MPG. Until the big three come up with a battery powered or Algae fueled truck to compete at the same cost this want will not be replaced easily.

The want of the many fueled by the few!

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