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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sticking to our plan . . .DIESEL Motorsports!

Provide a safe, true sanctioning body for diesel pickups to compete in a family environment where competitors are highlighted and compensated for their efforts - number one!

Number two - place combined events into areas where trucks are abundant and we can draw crowds to watch the competition. Plus keep the rules the same as to not favor a local shop or manufacturer so all competitors can have a chance to win.

Number three - help our sponsors sell and display their products at the events, with local diesel shops, and WDs that are friendly to the diesel market.

. . . and number four, continue to take our sport into mainstream America, right now we are only reaching 2% of the diesel owned pickups in the US.

DIESEL Motorsports has been persistent in this direction and it has paid off by holding good solid events where diesel people attend and compete together.

No gimmicks, just providing the same sport for over five years. The extra that we provide is the marketing in order to get people to the event and finding new diesel enthusiasts. That is where we get creative and use all of our contacts to benefit the sport.

Someone is always trying to copy what we do well and we take that as a compliment. Persistence does pay off when staying the course and we do ask for input from sponsors every year.  We still know after many years what is going to work best for what we are trying to accomplish and we tend to stick to what works.

Guarantee, if it is different or new, it will be about diesels and DIESEL Motorsports!

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