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Friday, February 1, 2013

DIESEL Performance for 2013! What's a coming . . .

This year may be different than the past few because of the EPA chasing the tuner box manufacturers. Rightfully so in some instances since we all knew it was coming sooner than later and we were all warned about it. I think I even made mention of it a few times last year.

It's here so now we need to deal with it, smart diesel businesses have already made the adjustments.

Just think 3-4 years ago what were you doing to the engines to make them high performance? Many are going back to engine components and older trucks without the emission issues. I do know it has made the used truck market go upward in value.

Most diesel shops that have been in business for a while know they have to do all areas of service other than performance in order to stay in business. Maintenance for municipalities, class 8 rigs and service trucks are a huge business. Plus let's not forget the 6.0 business that keeps everyone busy!

We may see a few of the smaller or basement businesses go away but that will actually help the regular diesel shops. Some of the low pricing on products will go away from the smaller places and normal pricing will return after a while, most likely by the 3rd quarter.

Will the EPA stop after addressing the tuners, most likely unless they see gross negligence, but be smart about how to advertise services and products!

Many new products are hitting the market place and should give diesel shops more items to sell. Diversity in a shop can expand in many directions for new business and products. Working on RVs, that market is slowly returning, ATVs and recreational vehicles including Jeeps will help expand the business.

The popularity of DIESEL Motorsports is still growing and will continue to grow in the rural settings around the country.

So guess where we are going . . .

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