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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mark your Calendars NOW! DIESEL Motorsports . . .

As predicated fuel prices are going back up and the EPA is on the hunt so where do you go for some diesel fun?

Back to where it started  . . .  in the rural areas!

Where corn fields grow and cows roam the fields, where people are used to seeing tractor smoke and enjoy seeing trucks with power!

Coming from a marketing view of the business DIESEL Motorsports® has never been big in the large metropolitan cities and areas. Our largest crowds happen in the country where the sport is appreciated.

It's the DIESEL Lifestyle that I have mentioned many times that keeps our core fans and competitors together, you can find many of them on Facebook and Twitter.

Pick something close so you can afford to have some fun and have a few extra dollars at the event - then relax and meet other diesel people.

DIESEL Motorsports® has tried to put events in the parts of the country that the most fans and competitors will attend on a weekend.

View the schedule below and plan your vacations now - plan a family vacation since many of the events we have scheduled surrounds many parks, recreation and sights to see entertainment.

March - 8 & 9 Denton, Texas (north of Dallas)
June 21 & 22 Muncie IN (north of Indianapolis)
July 20 Numidia PA (near Bloomsburg PA
August 16 & 17 Salt Lake City
September - Ohio - to be determined
October 18 & 19 Denton Texas
Dec 14 Indianapolis, IN

plus over 50 affiliate events throughout the country.

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