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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Weld Wheels is back for diesel trucks . . . & DIESEL Motorsports!

If anyone knows anything or has been around racing in the past they know the name Weld Wheels! Wheels that have been used for many years on the tracks and made in the USA.

They went through some different phases of ownership the past years after the passing of Greg Weld but has now been with the same group for a couple of years. The new management team is made up from automotive professionals who have greatly improved the company and products.

I became familiar with them again and immediately started asking them when are they going to start making truck wheels again for 8 lug racers/pullers. It seems one of the companies who had bought them before the current group had cut up and destroyed the machinery that forged the truck wheels. What a shame that they destroyed such rare equipment.

The current owners acquired some testing and manufacturing equipment from another defunct wheel company and again had the capability to manufacture our 8 lug truck wheels.

But they went a step further!

Not only have they produced high quality one and two piece 8 lug truck wheels for the single and dually market but they also can match the trailer wheels!

So your trailer truck, trailer and competing truck can all have matching wheels - made in America!

I have visited their plant which is just 20 minutes from my location in Kansas City and was very impressed with their manufacturing and testing facilities. Keep in mind many of the wheels sets are customized and require a few weeks to produce for race teams.

The truck wheels are kept in stock there and many of the wheels are ready to ship out as you order them. I will show some of the different styles below.

Since they have become the "Official Wheel" of DIESEL Motorsports we ask our members to consider Weld Wheels when purchasing that next new set of wheels. These are not cheap China made wheels but made in the USA with high quality standards that our diesel crowd like to buy!

Below are some of the features of the wheels:
-One piece forged aluminum alloys
-Sizes available: 17"X6.5" and 19.5"X6.75"
-Exceeds SAE J2530 requirements for up to 3500 lbs load using 37" tire
-Wheels are front and rear specific direct mount 8-lug applications (no adapters required)
-10 designs available in Polished and Black anodized finishes
-Matching trailer wheels 
-Made in Kansas City, USA

These are not cheap in pricing but you get what you pay for when it comes to quality and these are priced for what you get - a quality wheel made in the USA!

Check them out and ask where you can get wheels that will last forever!

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