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Sunday, November 16, 2014

We are DIESEL! Who is the real diesel man???

I hear and see a lot of people making this claim! I hear people say I make that claim! In NO WAY do I make that claim in the industry, I'm only a face who travels the industry shows who markets and promotes what the rest of the diesel competitors and fans do during the season.

Not one person makes up what has happened during the past 15 years, I have been here for about half of that time as most people who are currently in the industry. Many of the originals have grown older and are there or they have dropped out of circulation.

Working the events and shows I would have to say it's pretty arrogant  for someone to lay claim to the title, there are a lot of people who are worthy of making contributions in the beginning and even current.

DIESEL Motorsports started a "Hall of Fame" three years ago honoring some people who have made major contributions to the sport. Since Gene "Sleddy" Mohney has been there for the time it started I let him decide who the candidates should be every year. We then discuss with other industry leaders and study the backgrounds of who the people are and what they contributed.

This year that distinction goes to Scott Bentz which was one of the 1st in the industry to set records with his diesel dragster. Scott was the top competitor at every event with his rail that attracted much attention across the country. He is still involved with diesels working at Cummins Rocky Mountain in Denver. Scott is always positive in everything he did including racing his rail in front of the crowds. Scott set records with his rail that no one was reaching even in the early 2000s!

There are many people in the industry who are important for the continued growth of diesel as a sport. It only works when everyone works together and I would be the first to name many ole timers and youngens who help build the sport today.

See what you can do to make it all work with fellow diesel enthusiasts and it will grow. Keep things positive and people will notice while bashing and calling names will only demise the importance of the sport.

I even have seen several women rise to levels of importance in the diesel industry, some are very tough competitors. It's a lot of work with very little rewards in many cases and those who help often wonder why they are doing the work. You gotta have passion for the sport and for the people in the sport.

Who is the real DIESEL man or woman? It is all of us combined, make a difference and hop into the fire!

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