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Friday, March 18, 2016

How to reach Diesel Motorsports enthusiasts???

I get asked this all the time at the industry meetings during the winter months. Yes, our enthusiasts and fans are in rural counties all across the country.

What is left for conventional advertising in order to reach the rural counties?

Rural newspapers in small towns are dead or gone, newsstand magazines circulations has dropped every year with social media taken their place and radio is replaced by bluetooth personal music. So what is left, the forums are dead and numbers have dropped.

Social media through FB, Instagram, and twitter seems to be the most efficient way to reach the diesel market using electronics. The best way is grass roots events like DIESEL Motorsports and some of the State diesel groups we designate as affiliate events.

The state pulling groups hold multiple events from June 1st to the end of September in many small towns at city and county fairs wanting sled pulls. People in the industry have no idea how popular the sport is in the rural towns, they are shocked when I tell them there is a pull almost everyday of the week in every state from Missouri over to New York!

DIESEL Motorsports has in the past 10 years held diesel events in every part of the country, North, South, East and West. The past years we have focused on where the sport is highly concentrated since it cost a lot of money to hold an event along with the travel.

We get quite a few calls from people who want to hold an event, DIESEL Motorsports tries to help any way we can to educate them on the expenses and liability for holding an event. It can be daunting when you evaluate all aspects of holding an event.

When it comes to reaching the right people for diesel, we change and upgrade every season in order to properly reach the diesel crowd. Over 1/3 of our budget goes to reaching the right people for our events!

If you want to know how to reach the market, give us a call or email!

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