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Friday, March 4, 2016

How to sell more at your diesel shop - part II - planograms!?

What is a planogram in a retail or shop environment?

It's a small display of your most popular products that the customers can view or see at your shop or office while discussing what to do with their truck! Usually a easy 4 x 8 foot section of pegboard or wire mesh works best!

It doesn't take much space and it showcases what you like to install and provide services. DIESEL Motorsports has installed a few of these at auto stores featuring our sponsor's products. Many of the manufacturers will supply the parts or boxes if they know it is a display in your store or shop.

If your WD does not offer this service you can do it yourself!

You can go to your local lumber/hardware outlet or store to purchase the pegboard or wire mesh sheet(s). They usually have the hanging hardware to go with the pegboard or wiremesh panels for hanging your products or parts. 

For those near a major city most have retail warehouses where you can buy the displays for any size wall along with the hardware.

Lay the sheet or area out on your floor and start to think what you would display. Start by going to your inventory or what you sell the most to your customers. Make a list of 10-20 products from that list and start collecting either the parts or the boxes they come in for display. Like I stated many of the warehouses or manufacturers will help if you ask. 

Once you have collected the items start with the bigger heavier items at the bottom. Many of the stores sell shelves that can attach to the sheets which makes for a great bottom. Leaving a couple inches between each item start placing the biggest to the smallest near the top. It's just like putting together a puzzle!

If you want to feature a couple of items make the space for them larger and place some small advertising signs around the item. These can be made on your computer using thicker paper or mount with spray glue on cardboard, then zip tie or velcro to the wall board.

The idea is to show the parts that customers would want on their trucks with you installing them! Seeing is believing and a customers always like looking at the product before they purchase. You can even use cleaned up units that no longer work as long as they look good. 

Show the chemicals and oil you sell to your customers and service their vehicles, people always like to know what is being used and what is available for their trucks. 

Many times it opens to conversations based on the 1st article on how to sell better at your shop which in turn leads to sales and profits!

Planograms - easy to make and always leads to sales!

PS - if any diesel shop needs help in laying out the planogram you can contact myself for some help!

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