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Monday, February 29, 2016

What Classes are running for Pulling 2016!

Looks like the post from 3 years ago gets read a lot so let's move up to this year. Yes, the classes for pulling have changed somewhat in order to include everyone who wants to pull.

All the rules for pulling and classes are FREE on our web site - www.DIESELmotorsports.US

2016 DIESEL Motorsports Pulling Classes

Work Stock - street trucks with bolt-on modifications but with a OEM like turbo

2.5 Class - Street truck with 2.5 turbo with ballast

2.6 Class - Old 2.6 turbo rules for past trucks that built strictly for 2.6 turbo with no fixed driveline

2.6 Pro Class - smooth 3.0 with open driveline

3.6 Super Pro Diesel - smooth 3.6 turbos, dual turbos and modified/Super Stock trucks

Street Semi - street legal licensed semi trucks

In a nutshell but check the rules for clarity and make sure all safety equipment is present for pulling. DIESEL Motorsports will reserve the right to combine some classes if enough trucks are not present to fill a class. 

It is our intention to run all trucks who want to compete using a fair ruleset for all. The trucks are important to us and the diesel shops who rely on them for business. There is a reason the tractor clubs do not change their rules every three years, it keeps the costs down for the competitors so their numbers remain strong.

This is the first time we have changed rules for pulling in five years. The sport is still growing and including the street trucks are very important to our business.

Come pull with DIESEL Motorsports where you get paid right after the event!

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