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Monday, February 15, 2016

New for 2016 - Post II - DIESEL Motorsports!

The schedule for 2016 regionals are almost up and done with maybe one small exception for October still in the works! The affiliate schedules will go up by the end of March, many of the fair boards are still planning meets across the country.  DIESEL Motorsports wants to concentrate on where the most trucks show up for the events so we have switched a couple back to the east and Midwest.

Our sponsors pay us to go where the most trucks will be for diesel performance, we are not saying there are not top quality diesel performance trucks in other areas but maybe more surrounding the events planned. We are still reaching out to other areas with our affiliate events and groups.

As the popularity grows across the country DIESEL Motorsports plans to expand into those areas as the budget permits, if you have an event that wants to be larger or help with marketing please contact our office for more details.

Take some time and schedule some travel time to the events nearest you, these are family diesel lifestyle events where competitors are treated fairly with Nationwide ruleset with NO favorites. The competitors are always paid after the competition for the winners! No WAITING 1 or 2 or 3 months for payment for competing.

Children under 12 always get in free with an adult alone with the knowledge that the events are safe and insured. You can bring your trucks, coolers, grill and pop-up along with the family to enjoy a weekend of diesel trucks and great company.

DIESEL Motorsports is in it's 9th year and this should be a great year for diesels as the business continues to grow and expand into new markets.

2016 Schedule 
April 23/24 Nebraska Diesel Show 
Drags, Sled Pull
Kearney NE

May 13 Missouri  Diesel Shootout!
drags, dyno, ShowNshine
Osborn, Missouri

June 3 Muncie Dragway
Diesel Drags, Muncie IN

June 17/18 Haisley Thunder in Muncie
Drags,Pull, Dyno, ShowNshine
Friday Night 17 Muncie Dragway
Saturday 18 Gaston Lion’s Fairground
Muncie, Indiana

July 16 East Coast Diesel Nationals
Drags, Pull, Dyno, ShowNshine
Numidia Dragway
Numidia, Pennsylvania

August 5 Carlisle Truck Drags
South Mountain Raceway
Boiling Springs, PA

Aug 19/20  Wilson County Fair
Sled Pull 2.6/2.5
Lebanon, TN

September 23/24 
Buckeye Diesel Blast
Drags, pull, dyno, ShowNshine

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