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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

How to sell more at your diesel shop!

Many shops ask all of the time how can I get more business? I tell them it's not about getting more business but more profitable business!

Regular maintenance pays the overhead because it comes in from sources that need servicing on a schedule or time table. It's all about self promotion for your services and shop!

Typical marketing is through advertising through the same avenues that everyone else is doing, ads in magazines, radio, tv cable and local newspapers. This is deemed "Interruption Marketing" because you have to stop what you are doing to acknowledge the ads. This does work but it takes lots of funding, persistence and large space advertising. Many of these items most of us cannot afford.

A form of self promotion that could work is called "Permission Marketing", it's about selling yourself and your services with social contact and integrity.  It's when you put your customer's or client's wants and needs first - YOU are the solution to their problem!

It is very reasonable to do because it comes from you, you constantly offer new products and services while offering a solution to customers. It's building a relationship with your customers, treat each one like they were all equal. You never know when one of them decides to spend monies no mater what they currently are driving.

This doesn't mean you spend countless hours talking with each one about their truck or problems with their truck. It means you offer advice in a nice and mannerly time period and always talking additional upgrades and/or service that your business can provide at a reasonable cost. Remember time is money and you have customer's trucks to repair and upgrade in order to bill.

This does take some time to research some in the evenings on new parts and what is currently available for your customer's vehicles. Many of the trade publications offer new part sections in their magazines or online magazines. Most of the trade publications are free if you are a shop or business such as Shop, Engine Builder, Counterman, and SEMA. Just take some time to look what DIESEL Motorsport's sponsors have to offer to the marketplace. Many offer new items every year or multiple items for our industry.

The more you know the more valuable you become to your customers. Ask for their emails or cell numbers so you can remind them on servicing their diesel, always allow a two week period before they need it so they can make arrangements. Alert them to new products or specials you currently have for a truck. Even send them friendly reminders for diesel get-togethers or events.

Plan a training session or seminar during a dyno day at your shop! Contact your WD and see if they have a manufacturers rep they can send out for a seminar? Many can do this if given advance notice.

If you are doing a special install on a high-end nice truck, ask a few customers if they want to come by to watch or see the end result, like a double or triple turbo install. 

There are many ways you can become the specialist for your customers! Think about and execute on a weekly basis, you will soon find your bottom line moving upward! The more specialized the higher the profits because people value your service!

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