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Thursday, February 18, 2016

NEW for 2016 - Post III - Rules - DIESEL Motorsports!

Rules and more rules for those competing in DIESEL Motorsports!

Part III of the series of what's new for 2016!

Drag racing is quite easy since no rules were changed other than SFI upgrades for helmets and fire suits. What most do not know is the straight up exhaust for side exhaust trucks during drag racing!

You can have a clamp-on turn-up or straight up bed exhaust so the exhaust does not go down on the track and fog the lights/lasers so the timing system cannot work properly. If you want an accurate time then you would want to do this to your truck, however we will let you run but with reservations. Those reservations being if you fog the lights on a run your truck is automatically DQed! It's not fair to the guy next to you who turned his up and runs properly for the timing.

The DIESEL Motorsports sled pulling rules have changed not only in specifications but also classes. The 2.6 Class is now two classes, 2.6 and 2.6 Pro! 2.6 for those who have been following our rules for over 8 years with little change and 2.6 Pro for those who have gone to smooth bore turbos and solid rear-ends. The old 3.0 class is now combined with old 3.9, 3.6, twin turbos, Super Stock and Modifieds into one class!

Please read carefully for the distinctions between the classes of Work Stock, 2.5, 2.6 and 2.6 Pro! There are lots of trucks out there being built so make sure you fit into a class locally and Nationally so you can compete in many different venues.

It is the intention of DIESEL Motorsports to include as many trucks as we can for competition, we do not sell parts so we do not care about changing the rules every year so the competitors have to upgrade or re-build their trucks!

It's about the sport for us and maintaining an even ruleset for the country. There is a reason the tractor pulling organizations do not change their rules for every three years. It keeps everyone on the same playing field and keeps expenses minimal.

Check out our rules, schedule and make sure to support our sponsors - they are paying the purse monies you receive!

See rules in the upper left hand corner: www.DIESELmotorsports.US

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