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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Which WD do you buy from??? As a jobber/dealer - DIESEL Motorsports!

I have worked in the past with many WDs in the industry and the answer should be who can get you the part fast (in stock) and for a fair price so you can make a profit!

When I was hired as a consultant by an old WD that is now part of Keystone I did a study to show price differences of the top 100 top selling sku's. Between four different WDs the parts were all within $1 of each other when it came down to price. 

Next would be the shipping, but many deliver on a daily basis now days! The BIG component should be do they have it in stock so you can get it quick. If they are out of stock then you fall back to a drop ship which will take a few days. Remember the longer your customer waits for the work the more dissatisfied they become with your shop. Go with WD who stocks the most parts.

When working with some of the jobber stores they had 3 WDs on speed dial and I was told they just go down the line till they find the one who has it in stock and can get it to them - plus price but most are similar.

It comes down to personal service too, do the people you talk to know the industry or parts you are ordering. If they don't it only takes longer because you have to explain to an order taker who just answers the phones. 

If you order online with the part numbers it takes away the pain of talking to people but then how efficient is their online order system. Do you still get your parts on time to satisfy the customer.

The idea solution is to keep extra parts you use all of the time so you have extras for fast repairs or upgrades for the customers. This does cost money but if you have enough business it will make you money because you can service your customers faster than the other guys.

Which WD supports your effort to advertise using Coop funds or supports your efforts at events and shows. Do they provide POP displays, banners, etc for you to promote the parts you sell?

And yes when is the last time you saw a salesperson from your WD, I know, never because many have cut back on travel because the margins are getting smaller and smaller for the WDs. Realize it takes $millions of dollars to properly operate as a WD and they do the best they can with what they have to work with on a monthly basis. 

Which one do you use? The one that give your business the best advantage for profits and service for you to pass on to your customer!

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