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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Competition produces so called characters . . . yes the diesel industry produces our own!

Throughout the years motorsports has produced some wild characters in it's history! NASCAR, NHRA and IHRA has some of the boldest people in their history that stand out as known characters in the industry.

That is what makes our race/pulling industry fun to follow for the short time it has been around. Many people have come and gone that were on top at one time or another for their competition achievements or just their personality. 

Most are bigger in life personalities or egos depending on who you ask! 

The real hero are the people who have made a living at keeping the industry alive through providing parts or service at their diesel shop. Many of our competitors come from the diesel shops because that is how they advertise their business. By building a killer competition truck for racing or pulling it shows their top abilities to build a performance diesel.

I have fun watching and talking to the top competitors and the shops, because this is the people who keeps the sport going at the events. Some have been problems in the past  but DIESEL Motorsports has dealt with all on the same level as a professional competitor. 

Every sanctioning body has rules and we do too, so when those are broken we reply in kind. However in 8 years of competition we have only banned one competitor for a short period. All others are welcome as long as they follow the rules of competition.

I have had some ask if they can come back and I have replied of course you can, as long as you follow the rules. It's just business!

No one can deny that they are all characters including myself! That is what makes America great is that we can all express ourselves as individuals. I brag to industry leaders that our rural crowd is the most individual creative people in automotive sports and yes we are some people's biggest nightmare.

Again, DIESEL Motorsports is about doing your own thing with diesel performance be it racing, pulling or showing your diesel truck. We just try to make it legal, insured and safe so none of us get in trouble with the industry.

This week DIESEL Motorsports will announce the launch of the DIESEL Hall of Fame on our web site and those who have been honored as some of the diesel industry pioneers!

Bring your rigs, trucks and personalities to the events this year and let's just have some fun!

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