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Friday, December 20, 2013

Made in the USA! Wheels? You bet - WELD!

Enough of teaching unruly kids, back to business! Let's talk quality American made parts made right here in the country - wheels!

I cannot tell you how many China/Asia wheels are out there but all you have to do is walk down the tire/wheel hall at SEMA to see a few of them.

But there is only one made in the USA that I know of - Weld Racing Wheels.

Started in 1967 by Greg Weld here in Kansas City, I grew up hearing about their famous wheels made for performance. I even had a hand in producing their early year catalogs, my brother briefly worked for them years ago as quality control and I currently begged their current management to build their truck wheels again.

When Weld changed hands a few years ago the interim company cut up and planned to move the equipment out for forging the truck wheels. When the current company bought Weld they found the ruined equipment sitting on the floor, they were highly disappointed as the rest of us Weld fans.

But after many years of production and acquiring a few other wheel manufacturers they found more forging and testing equipment that allowed them to AGAIN manufacture 8-lug truck wheels or single and dually applications.

They reproduced some of the old designs and some NEW killer looking 8-lug wheels. You can even order matching trailer wheels for the competitors who haul their rigs. I have toured the new plan a couple times and I am amazed at the preciseness of workers manufacturing these wheels. Yes machines help them make these wheels but each wheels is touched by many hands to polish, test and pack these wheels.

No, they are not the China/Asia cheap wheels but made for those who plan on keeping their truck for a while or for those who want the best quality on the market. Not to say the only wheels still MADE IN THE USA!

I have posted some photos below to show the manufacturing, testing and packing of the wheels. If you want USA made wheels in 8-lug whether it's single or dually check them out -

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