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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Why do we display & visit trade shows?

Next week DIESEL Motorsports will display at the Performance Race Industry Show (PRI) held in Indianapolis this year December 12-14. Held at the downtown convention center you will find us out of the main hall by the escalators toward the mall, booth #7126.

We could only afford a 10x10 booth but we plan to have a lot going on inside of our booth. We will be playing videos of trucks pulling and racing at events, passing out give-aways/decals and you can pose with the "Girls Gone Diesel"!

Friday you can meet and pose with the DIESEL World Cover Girl for "Girls Gone Diesel", Caitlin Aiken among others from the issue.

Saturday you can meet a special guest from the circuit which is one of our "Girls Gone Diesel" plus a racer, receive a special backpack from DIESEL Motorsports and a water bottle.

All it takes to get in the show is a business card and ID, 9-5 every day.

Why do we do these shows? SEMA, PRI, etc etc.


We tell open crowds and business people about our sport of diesel truck drag racing, pulling and the diesel truck lifestyle. Educating the masses about our sport will make it grow.

DIESEL Motorsports makes an effort to educate people in the industry about diesel truck racing and pulling. I have had company executives of products you buy and install on your truck ask what is sled pulling? I pull up Youtube on one of our channels and show them, they are shocked that a sport surrounds what I just displayed to them.

We are ALL familiar with our sport but there are many in the automotive industry who has never viewed or heard of our activities.

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