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Sunday, December 1, 2013

What happens when we lose one of our own?

This week was a National Holiday for giving thanks for all that we have around us. It was a tough one to feel good about for many of us who knew Danny Toops which was tragically taken from this world in a truck/car wreck on the eve of the holiday.

A lot of us knew him as a fun loving diesel puller who just started his own shop not too long ago and was doing really well with it. I saw him as one of the young people in this sport that will make a mark on this sport. Yes he was competitive just as I am, sometimes a bit too much but that is what made him a leader in the sport. He didn't name his truck the Instigator for nothing, it matched who he was in this world.

I liked Danny a lot because of his positive outlook on work, life, and views of the world. There are a lot of people in DIESEL Motorsports who stand out as leaders and positive people who want to progressively get better for themselves and the sport. I can name immediately 100 such people in our travels who are fun people to be around in this industry and many more if you give me time.

We need to take care of our own as those that can make it to Danny's funeral tomorrow, but remember those that are still here and live with the same drive that this young man had for the sport. In his memory keep the sport alive by embracing those in the sport with the same positive attitude, even if you didn't agree with them before.

Unity and teamwork wins in every sport, division and discontent loses in the end. Take this time to embrace the people that make up our sport and it will grow immensely in the following years, keep a positive attitude toward all that are involved in DIESEL Motorsports.

Losing Danny reminds us all that no one is exempt from catastrophe and we are all here a short time so let's make the best of every day which includes progressively making the sport better for the future.

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