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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Diesel Drag Race Series starts soon!

Something different this year! Not just diesel drag racing at our events but diesel drag racing at different tracks around the country once a month that earn points with a yearend purse for the winners!

Over 25 races(dates) are scheduled for 2012 at three different tracks, Ohio, Texas and Florida tracks. This was implemented at the request of local clubs and diesel shops, it's our way of trying to build the sport of diesel drag racing.

For those who don't know the diesel sled pullers outnumber the drag racers by three times. Why? 

It's easier to hold a sled pull because all you need is dirt and a track. They can be held at any rodeo arena or fairground. Diesel drag racing requires a full blown drag strip which is expensive to rent. Sled pulling has been a sport since the days of using horses, then tractors and now diesel trucks. From June 1 to the end of August, from Missouri to New York, you can find a sled pull in any state every night of the week and sometimes four or five per weekend.

The tracks we work with are willing to let the diesels run at their cost and keep track of the points for DIESEL Motorsports. We are doing this as a prototype to use for every state as long as we find tracks who want to work with us. 

If you want to have your local track participate and have at least ten diesel trucks who will show up regularly then have them contact us. 

DIESEL Motorsports is trying to build the popularity of the sport the right way, with a structure to build on for future events with a local track.

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  1. It's entertaining to see these diesel-powered cars battle it out on the drag strip. I mean, you can’t help but wonder how the owners transform their cars from heavyweight to lightweight just to reach their maximum speed. Plus, if nitrous oxide is allowed, I'm sure they'll be burning those rubbers in a jiffy. Heheh.

    Mallory Clifford