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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Up First for 2012 - Sled Pull Workshop - May 5th!

That's right a workshop for sled pulling!

How many times have you gone to a pull without testing your truck in front of a sled and then pulled with less stellar results in front of a crowd?

Or . . . you just want to try your truck out to see if you can become a sled puller in our sport?

For many different reasons you can come on this date and pull as many times as you want for $30!

There will be a dyno there for tuning your truck among other experts in diesel performance, SFI safety, and teching. A few vendors of diesel performance parts will be there if you bust something or need something during the day, some of those attending will be Little Power Shop, Champion Oil, and Fuelab among others!

All proceeds and admittance fees go to benefit the Amercian Cancer Society so this is a benefit workshop!

This includes all trucks - diesel or gas, tractors, and to include all clubs and organizations, however each clubs safety rules will apply and the trucks will be tech/inspected for safety.

A great idea started last year by Bungart Motorsports out of Jefferson City, Missouri, Bungart owns and operates 8 sleds around the country.

We decided to add in our financial help and support a great effort to pull (no pun intended) the sport together and benefitting a good cause.

$10 to get in and $30 to pull all day what a day and a chance to see some of the best pulling trucks and tractors in the Midwest!

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