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Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring has Sprung, Spring Forward . . . DIESEL Motorsports!

It always feels good to brush the doldrums of Winter off and look forward to spring, warmer days, more people getting out and more sales!

Some of the manufacturers have already started to tell me they had great sales this past month, and the current month is looking very strong in diesel performance parts.

Our DIESEL Motorsports drag series starts in a couple of weeks and we look forward to some great days ahead of us. Now is the perfect time to start making those final upgrades to your truck for competition and testing your truck on local tracks.

We all know the price of diesel and gas is going to rise so make plans now to attend what is local and close for your diesel events. Our schedule can be viewed on our web site, the National events can be viewed by clicking NADM at the top of the event schedule.

The events by DIESEL Motorsports are family oriented so you can bring the entire family and enjoy the weekend. We have the events in areas where the family can enjoy some other local sights if you want to make the trip a vacation get-away. Make sure to call for details.

At Thunder in Muncie, there are several things to visit in the area including the Indy 500 Museum, see some of the oldest race cars in history including diesel Indy cars from the 30s.

Near the East Coast Nationals (15 mins) is the oldest amusement park in the country and it's free to get in, Knoebels Amusement Park. Plus local Hersey Candy factory/city, Strasburg Train - one of the oldest trains in the country plus museum.

Salt Lake City has one of the oldest buildings in the Nation to view including the Mormon Museum and square. Come early to see the races at the Salt Flats just a few hours West of the RMR.

In Columbus Ohio there is several museums, covered bridges, Lakes within minutes of the racetrack and the largest Air Force/Space museum in the country just an hour away at Dayton (plan a full day for it).

Dallas has many museums and areas of interest to visit and see. One of my favorites is the famous Grassy Knoll and museum, full of history that has made our country. Just 3 hrs North of the track is the Oklahoma Memorial which is humble and quieting to say the least.

And of course Orlando in December, commercialism at it's best! Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, Universal Drive while the husband attends the PRI show and our race in the evening!

Plan now and make one of our events a destination for 2012!

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