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Monday, March 26, 2012

A successful point series diesel drag racing weekend . . . everyone to the lanes!

DIESEL Motorsports held it's first point series drag racing in Denton Texas on Friday with a good turnout for a Friday evening. It's tough for everyone to get off of work and get their truck ready, family and head to the track.

Every month Denton is holding a Friday night diesel truck night and keeping track of the points while conducting the race. It's small but it's a start and we have to take steps before we walk.

Five years ago there was more diesel drag trucks but the economy, rising fuel prices and newer truck technology has lessened the numbers regionally for high-end fast trucks. DIESEL Motorsports started to build a fast truck program last year with cleaner burns coming from the trucks and the numbers continue to rise for this next year.

We are starting back with the street trucks! That's why so many signed and raced with us last year because DIESEL Motorsports moved some of the purse monies over to the street trucks. Our street truck classes more than doubled last year and now some of those racers are building faster trucks!

That's the result we wished for and now continue to build in some areas of the country with point series racing. DIESEL Motorsports next point series race is in Florida this Saturday. A local shop DIESEL Specialists started the effort by hosting our PRI race and now wants to build the sport for the South.

The Florida point series is held on a Saturday so more trucks would have time to travel to get there. It's warm there, sunny and the track loves diesels!

Next month they start in Ohio and we may have others by the time summer gets here. Sled pulling is strong with the diesel trucks and it's popularity is picking up in other areas. DIESEL Motorsports is strong in sled pulling and the numbers continue to grow even with a bad economy and rising fuel prices.

The racing numbers has started to grow after last year and continue to look strong for this year. More trucks are being built and some of the street trucks are moving up to the heads up classes.

The more areas DIESEL Motorsports can get monthly series started, the more trucks at National events and the sport continues to grow!

Good job Texan's! Looking forward to this weekend in Florida . . . everyone to the LANES!

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