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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

NEW Exhaust Products . . . DIESEL Motorsports!

Every year I ask for new products I see and need for our diesel enthusiasts. It is amazing how our faithful sponsors step up every time and make those products I request. Exhaust is very important to our industry and we have a great sponsor for that product.

Flo-Pro Performance has been around a long time and make perfect fitting products for our diesels. Now they have come out with two new products that should be a must for all diesel shops.

One I have already written about but now they released it, which is the 4 & 5 inch turned up exhaust tips. These can be carried to the track and clamped on during competition, then removed before going back to street. They are being required by DIESEL Motorsports this year because of the issues with fogging the lights and inaccurate readings from the track equipment, not to mention diverting any debris from a blown turbo.

Too many tracks have complained about the smoke fogging the lights and their crew members on the line. We had one track wrap his white dividers with plastic so they would not be smoked to black during competition. With a simple turn-up this can be avoided and help with making the tracks like our competitors. Don't you think that is worth the few extra bucks one of these costs!

Now we all like the stacks coming out of the beds which is a dead give-away for our young diesel enthusiasts customizing their trucks. Because of how well Flo-Pro's exhaust system kits fit we asked them to provide us with stacks. Not only have they just released those but in black chrome which is very attractive and gives a different look to the truck, especially those with blackout taillights and headlights.

This comes from a company who embraces the sport and what we ask from them. DIESEL Motorsports appreciates their participation!

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