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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A few surprises this year . . . but not letting the cat out of the bag yet!

DIESEL Motorsports has a few surprises for this season but we are not ready to release the information quite yet.

Why do we do this?

It seems everything we do others try and replicate, we love the attention! Three years ago DIESEL Motorsports placed competitors on National TV, two years ago we had live webcasts at events with voice commentators, we developed an Advisory Board for the sport four years ago, and we started the affiliate sport program three years ago.

DIESEL Motorsports continues to build the sport with new programs that are customized for diesel enthusiasts. Do we jump to everyone's reaction or suggestions, no, but we listen and plan for future business.

I'm not tooting our own horn here, I'm just laying the ground work for what we have coming for the 2012 season. YOU will be surprised!

What many of the competitors and enthusiasts don't see is the marketing and lobbying DIESEL Motorsports does over the Winter months to promote our sponsor's products. A lot of hours and work is done to prepare the market for the season and help our guys sell their products for the upcoming season at the events.

Yes, we ask many different manufacturers develop custom parts for our sport with and in conjunction with local diesel shops that support DIESEL Motorsports.

Yes we are looking forward to the new season!

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