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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Performance Business Magazine - DIESEL Friendly!

Everyone should check out the Performance Business Magazine April issue for diesel updates!

This issue not only features some of our sponsor's products but also highlights some of DIESEL Motorsports news items along with our schedule.

PB was actually one of the first publications to feature diesel performance to their service center and auto part store recipients. I have known the publisher for quite some time and I can tell you they are professionals who want to help grow the industry.

They are one of the few trade publications who mail directly to the diesel shops and service centers across the country.

Many new products for our diesel industry are featured in their publications along with important reviews of the stores and service centers. This month they featured DEI/Ny-Trex, DPPI, ARP, Fluidampr, Champion Oil and DIESEL Motorsports!

PBgets delivered to every store every month and is read by everyone who visits their stores, it's industry content for those who are interested in what's new and what's being done in the business to sell, service and keep the doors open on a daily basis.

DIESEL Motorsports tries to include all of the magazines when discussing the sport, they all have different content and value.

Even when electronic media is dominating today with Facebook, Twitter, texting, and Voxing the magazines still can be held, read and studied over and over for information.

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