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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Trade Shows - What good are they for the Industry? DIESEL Motorsports!

I just finished attending the Keystone Big Show which moved to Atlantic City this year! Great improvement from before and an excellent opportunity to visit with existing industry leaders for diesel plus the opportunity to get other manufacturers interested in our industry.

We appreciate Keystone Automotive inviting us every year and setting up a booth, but they know we help their vendors push their products within the diesel marketplace. It's part of our businesss to find out about our sponsor's products, their benefits and how they are used by our diesel enthusiasts. We push the best products to our enthusiasts every day and help them sell them, it's just good business.

DIESEL Motorsports does not own a store or web site that sells products, that would be a conflict of interest with the very diesel shops we strive to help push sales. It's all about pushing the sport and diesel industry, that is how it will grow.

This last weekend's show was a great success with lots of dealers who were asking about DIESEL Motorsports, I think a lot more people were there from the last years and it showed at the reception following the show.

We will be at the next one in Dallas in two weeks pushing our sponsor's products and talking about DIESEL Motorsports.

It just helps the industry if more and more people and manufacturers find out about our sport.

I know another one of our industry giants holds a simiar show on a cruise that was held last month that pushes products in the diesel industry that is very beneficial but we have never been invited to that event.

DIESEL Motorsports will continue to push diesel part manufacturers no matter who they are and where we are during the entire year. Grat show Keystone Automotive and thanks for supporting our sport!

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