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Friday, June 24, 2011

Back to Thunder in Muncie where it all began!

Tomorrow I head to Muncie Indiana where the first ever diesel truck only event was held in 2002. That's right, just barely less than 10 years ago this sport has grown to what it is today!

Yes, diesel trucks were pulling and racing before that but mixed in with tractors and gas vehicles. This was the FIRST DIESEL ONLY event. I have been told the story many times by Gene who used to pull years before Muncie. Originally started by Dave's Diesel, the organizers involved Eric McBride to help with the event. Eric asked Gene to help him organize and help put on the sled pull while he did the drag race. Trucks were lined up to become the first DIESEL ONLY event and history was made.

The original Thunder in Muncie had drag racing and sled pulling. This year only sled pulling will be done because the dragstrip had another big event going on Saturday. Next year we'll try to book a weekend where the drag strip will be available.

From one event to over 250 known events in just 9 years, what growth this sport has shown in such a small amount of time. That's what is great about this country, to be able to watch each competitor's ability in taking a underpowered, high torque diesel truck and turn it in to a powerful competition vehicle.

It will be like stepping on hallow ground at the Gaston Lion's Club Park fairgrounds.  I only came into this sport about half way through it and have seen great strides taken to advance not only the technology but the products for the sport.

I will not be posting till Monday because of the trip and will have plenty to report when I return. Please join us there if you are close to Muncie!

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