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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tailgate Community - Diesel Motorsports!

When I wrote on Monday Diesel Motorsports is a family affair one of the attendees reminded me we are not a coat and tie group. Far from it, more like a Tailgate community!

Diesel Motorsports fans back their truck up to the track, setup the chairs in the bed along with their coolers, if it's hot put up an umbrella or popup and watch the show. You won't find many in the hot stands if there is room to back their trucks up to the track to watch.

What's a truck bed for anyway? I have done this myself many times with my family, one time I even threw in the redwood lawn loungers in the back. Why not be comfortable while watching your favorite sport - right?

It's a natural for our rural fans to do this with their trucks for family and friends. At some rural sled pulls we don't even rent stands we just bring in flatbed trailers to line the track. At a recent pull I saw a group bring their flatbed trailer early but occupied it late, they met a bunch of new friends who had already camped there for the event, yes they respectfully made room for them. It was their trailer!

You will find grills early before the show smoking some great meats for consumption during the show. I have consumed many of these when offered before the shows, who wouldn't, wouldn't want to be unhospitable!

Truck beds are made for hauling and utility uses, our guys are very creative and we have seen many setups that makes you look twice. To get above the crowd I saw a young couple bring their sofa and place it on top of the truck cab roof, cooler included of course.

If forced to they will sit in the stands, and most walk the Vendor Alley many times during the shows. They are always looking something new for their trucks. If you want our crowds attention you better be close to the fence where all of the trucks are sitting!

And of course the best way to experience this firsthand is to bring your truck and backup to the fence, meet some new friends and watch the show!

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