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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What's in your truck? Oil?

You want to start an argument in the pits at a Diesel Motorsports event, question an owner about the oil in his/her truck! This is a personal question that only the brave and knowledgeable dare to ask, then settle in for a lengthy discussion.

Everyone claims success and their choice is the best for their truck. NO ONE, I mean NO ONE is right about their oil but the one telling you about theirs. As well it should be, it's the lifeline of the truck's engine, the very lubricant that flows through the veins of the engine that makes it perform properly.

When you spend as much money as our diesel heads do on their truck's engine it is very important in order to make the engine perform and last longer. Who has the best oil? Very good question depending on who you talk to about their vehicle.

Industry experts can tell you all about the most advertised oil or the usual you can find on almost any shelf (availability)! But finding the right oil for all of the customizing you have been doing to your diesel engine?  Who can customize a oil for what you have done to your engine.

I discussed this very thing with what I have considered one of the top experts on oil in the Nation, Karl Dedolph at the MPMC Council in LA this winter. Karl is currently with Champion Oil (Official oil of NADM) and formerly with Amsoil (a diesel favorite), his expertise is beyond anyone I have talked with in over 25 year when it comes to oil and lubricants.

Karl asked me what our diesel guys could use this winter and I told him a performance oil that added all of the additives (zinc, additives, etc) the EPA took out in 2007 when they added the DPF. There are a few companies offering those additives in can that can be added every time you change the oil. What's better than adding them back in with every change?

A performance diesel oil where it's all ready in the oil as in pre-2007 and made for racing or pulling diesel engines!

After not hearing from Karl for about four months this spring he called one day out of the blue and said "I got your oil!" Of course I replied what oil? Karl said; "The oil we discussed for performance diesels, that oil!"

Wow, Karl got Champion to manufacture an oil just for our diesel marketplace, Champion Blue Flame Diesel Oil. Champion is already known for their race oil (Champion Racing Oil XP) which is found in many circle track vehicles. Now they have launched a oil made just for our diesel performance guy running non-DPF applications (off-road use only ;)!

After testing and asking various diesel teams on the performance of the oil NADM deemed Blue Flame the Official oil of DIESEL Motorsports. Check them out:

Champion's Blue Flame oil can be bought through a line of distributors and shops;, DPPI, PureDieselPower, New Era Diesel, A&A, also check their web site for more.

Karl knows his oil so next time you see him at an event, start a discussion with him about oil -I DARE YOU!

(Karl will be at the July 16th A&A East Coast Diesel Nationals in Numidia, PA)

Thanks for the support for Diesel Motorsports Karl!

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