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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Diesel Parts USA vs Imports . . .

Realize the people who makeup the diesel motorsports marketplace are rural farmers, construction, blue collar workers who values dearly the country we live. Many have served in the military and I would guess have strong conservative ties politically.

Having said that you know what the first question they ask, "is it made in China?" Automotive parts experienced a huge influx of import parts in early 2000 and they flooded the market with cheaper automotive parts. Garages soon found that replacing the cheaper parts that failed constantly cost them more than just buying the quality parts in order to get the business from customers.

The diesel market place wants quality performance parts! The diesel truck is not cheap to buy and they want the best parts for replacement parts to equal the quality of the rest of the truck. They use these trucks to work, haul and rely on them for a living. They want reliability based on quality and the ability to switch to recreation during the weekend to compete in local and national diesel events.

Only the inexperienced are buying parts off of ebay and unknown .com sites, try to get a replacement when something happens to the part you just bought. Local shops and known .com sites stand behind the products they sell, and can get the products replaced with warranty since they are licensed dealers.

Two big components that many insist on being quality are the fuel injection pumps and the injectors. Why? Because that is the main components of the diesel engine!

So when you want to replace parts think hard about what the pros do for parts, buy from a reputable repair center or performance shop or a known diesel .com site! . . . and ask where the part was made!

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