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Monday, June 13, 2011

Is the price of diesel hurting growth in DIESEL Motorsports!

The current price of diesel does hurt the industry and sport because of the trickle down effect within the economy. Everyone can say they are doing great because no one wants to be the first to admit a slow down is anywhere near.

Let's face the facts, most of the enthusiasts and competitors work within construction, farming and automotive. When fuel goes up all of these areas are hit hard by the economy surrounding fuel use, less discretionary income available. High prices on utilities, food, trucking, services all effected by higher fuel prices.

The smart diesel shops switch to maintenance along with performance upgrades. I have advised several to do so when times get slow, go to your local municipalities and ask for maintenance service business.

I have seen the numbers drop at events just as we did two years ago when the fuel prices jumped to $4-5 per gallon. It's harder to travel distances to events when it takes more money for fuel plus all of the services along the way have risen in price. Plus does the common guy want to drive his truck to an event, compete, break and not have anyway to get to work the next week.

Now that I stated it effects it I can easily say that DIESEL Motorsports is alive and continues to remain strong even with less attendance. We still have drag strips and fairgrounds contacting us for events because people are still paying to see our competitors where they are not of other venues. Even with trucks sales being weak the used truck market within our marketplace is quite strong and owners are buying accessories for the trucks.

DIESEL Motorsports is still a family event, husband and wife throw the kids in the truck along with a popup, cooler and grill. They head to the local track or fairground for a weekend of talking to people just like them and how they can make their truck look and run better than anyone else's truck. It's a social get-away from work and everyday humdrum to something they enjoy watching and doing with friends and family.

That's why we started holding more regional events instead of large ones that no one will travel to because of funds. We chose local areas that support local performance diesel shops because that is where trucks are the strongest in performance and numbers. We go for quality of the attending people that enables them to afford more products from our sponsors and still wish to improve their trucks.

Look for more tomorrow on how you can still be a part of DIESEL Motorsports?

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