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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Diesels vs Tractors vs Gassers? Do they mix?

We get asked this all of the time and we get the same answer . . . each group thinks they are the most important and the main attraction of the show!

NADM supports a lot of combined groups through our affiliate program and it is why we are there, the diesel trucks of the groups claim they are not being treated fairly over the tractors and gassers. The local TTPAs ask us if we can contribute to help the diesels because all of their funding goes to tractors or 2WD Gassers.

Obviously we help where we can and promote the diesels, we want their local diesel truck count to grow so the sport keeps growing. It's plain to see that the three do not play together well! Each are separated in the pits and in teching.

NADM decided when we do a show and rent a facility it is advertised as DIESEL ONLY, for a reason. The reason is to let local diesel enthusiasts know that this is a diesel truck only show so you are the show, the main attraction and DIESELs will be showcased!

Occasionally we let some semis, a few tractors, etc, in to be part of the show but they are diesels and exhibition only. The trucks are the main show for this very reason, our members tell us they want to be the main attraction! NO jet dragsters, no alcohol dragsters, no 5 engine tractors - DIESEL TRUCKS!

That's why so many of our vendors in Vendor Alley report brisk sales for equipment, the attendees are truck owners and look for new products for their vehicles.

The percentage of diesel truck owners in the United States and the number of diesel performance enthusiasts is still a long way from being close to each other! We are only reaching approximately 18% of those truck owners, a generous estimation based on diesel publication circulation, Association members, largest diesel only event, etc.

So you can see we have a long way to go before we can say that Diesel Motorsports is saturated in the marketplace. That makes Diesel Motorsports a valuable market since it has so much area to grow and include more of the diesel trucks in the country.

Should we mix the others in the shows to draw more people, we tried that and found they don't mix well! Soon as the diesel trucks started to claim they were the show they others got upset! As business owners we should want this in order to draw more people and make more money off of the events, right?

We are a DIESEL ONLY Association and most likely will remain that way in order to remain loyal to the competitors and enthusiasts. We may mix in some other diesel vehicles such as TDIs, diesel tractors (exhibition only), and Semis but the main focus will be DIESEL TRUCKS!

Do we play together well with others? We just know which market segment butters our bread the best and most! DIESEL Motorsports.

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