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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

SFI and what does it mean for diesel performance?

SFI certification is very important for a sanctioning body such as NADM (National Association of Diesel Motorsports). SFI certification on parts and ruleset for competition makes our insurance more reasonable because the companies know safety measures are being taken during competition.

SFI was started by SEMA many years ago and then broke off on their own to insure safety in racing and offroad competition. When purchasing parts for your diesel make sure if a SFI certification is needed that it carries the true SFI number and label on the part.

WARNING: A lot of performance part imports are falsifying the labels for SFI, make sure it's a true certification.

Each track and organization's insurance is based on SFI teching and safety rules being followed, if there is a mishap then they can rely on the teching to ensure everything was properly running and safety measures were in place. SFI is followed by NASCAR, NHRA, NADM, ADRL, NTPA and IHRA.

When SFI inspection/teching is missing or overlooked then then when a mishap occurs the attorneys have a field day with the insurance companies, the track, the competitor and the sponsors. They go after anyone with monies.

That is why it is so IMPORTANT to follow the rules for competition in DIESEL Motorsports. Right now the only sanctioning body for diesel pickups in drag racing is the NADM (National Association of Diesel Motorsports) and in sled pulling there are a few tractor pulling associations who cover a few classes of pickups, NADM is the only one covering all classes of diesel pickups.

When building a truck make sure the rules are followed for safety so you can run your truck with any organization based on SFI equipment and guidelines. The rules are a free download on the web site - www.DIESELmotorsports.US!

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